The National Osteoporosis Foundation honors their 35th year with Bone Talk, a podcast and blog that shares inspiring conversations. We will examine issues around osteoporosis from diverse perspectives including patients, healthcare providers, caregivers, policy makers, researchers, advocates and innovators. Learn more about bone health, healthy active aging and strategies to protect your ability to live your best life.

episode 7: The Importance of Identifying and Treating Vertebral Compression Fractures

In this episode Elizabeth Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, talks with Dr. Joshua Hirsch, Chief of the NeuroInterventional Spine Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, about early diagnosis and treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

Episode 6: Balance as the Key to a Healthy Life

In this conversation with personal trainer and movement artist Carol Clements, Barbara discusses the realities of osteoporosis and how the adoption of active, preventive measures against falling can reduce the risk of breaking a bone. The key, according to Carol Clements, is balance.

Episode 5: It's Never Too Late for Wellness

As the National Osteoporosis Foundation celebrates 35 years of helping others be bone strong, NOF’s Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Thompson, sits down with internationally respected osteoporosis researcher, Dr. Susan Greenspan. Dr. Greenspan serves as Professor of Medicine in the Departments of Endocrinology and Geriatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Her professional focus is on how osteoporosis affects elderly women. Both her personal and professional life have taught her that it’s never too late to treat osteoporosis — and it’s never too late for wellness.  


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Greetings!  As we enter the second quarter of the year, and spring arrives with bursts of color, music from the returning songbirds, and longer days are illuminated with beautiful light, you can almost feel the levels of hope and inspiration rising reflected by wider smiles and generous attitudes from those we spend time with at work and home.